The Compliance Campus is all about medical hand hygiene and its sustainable improvement. High-quality product presentation, qualified training and close dialogue with science - the Compliance Campus links all this in a unique way.

At the OPHARDT hygiene headquarters in Issum in the Lower Rhine region, the training centre offers suitable premises on over 500 square metres to impart theoretical expertise on hand hygiene in a practice-oriented environment.

Sustainable hand hygiene – first-hand experience


The Compliance Campus is closely geared to modern patient and treatment rooms in clinics and hospitals. From the installation of contactless dispenser systems at the point of care in a hygiene-sensitive intensive care unit to the installation of stable table dispensers for hand disinfection in medical practices: The Compliance Campus shows how hand hygiene can be integrated into everyday clinical practice.


Exchange of experience among hygiene experts.


The Compliance Campus is a place of encounter and lives from dialogue: Regular forums and events invite the exchange of experiences among hygiene experts.

For example, the OHMS (OPHARDT Hygiene Monitoring System®) Forum has already firmly established itself in the Compliance Campus calendar of events. At the annual OHMS Forum, OHMS users and interested parties exchange experiences with the system and current developments in the field of hand hygiene in a suitable atmosphere.